How to make Tissue Paper sunflower

Crafts have been an old but remarkable way of making several things we can use daily. We are using crafts to decorate our houses for a long time. Technology and new advancements have evolved the new things we use now in the form of decorative, but a long time ago, people were dependent on their arts and crafts to decorate their house.

This gives their house a unique impression and helps them get what they want, and they do not have to adjust to the things that are available like we do now.

But arts and crafts are still in trend, and that is why we are here with impressive and trendy crafts you can make on your own. In this tutorial, which is totally inspired by HomeBnc, a great source of inspiration, you can take for decoration stuff. They have all you need while decorating your house. Whether it is tips, tricks, or ideas, they have it all for you.

Let us start our tutorial on making sunflowers out of tissue paper.

Method 1: – Jointed petals ones

We will give you here two methods by which you can make beautiful sunflowers with ease. Both methods are comfortable and will result in gorgeous sunflowers. So, look at them and then choose what you will opt for in your own home.

Here in this method, we will make all the petals of our sunflower at one time. Let us begin now.

  • First, you will need three yellow tissue papers stacked on each other.
  • Now, roll it like we used to make a hand fan from a paper.
  • After you are rolling it like a fan, please give it a little press to shape it in the required form.
  • Now, right in the middle, tie a knot either from a thin ribbon, or you can use a regular thread as well.
  • At this moment, you will require scissors, and it is now time to start cutting.
  • Start your cutting from the top side.
  • Cut in such a way that the part above the knot has an arc going straight to the top corner of your sheet.
  • Make a similar cut at the other end as well.
  • Now, spread your tissue paper from both sides of the knot in the same way we spread our sheet while making fan from a paper sheet.
  • After spreading the sheets, you will see two halves of your petals which needs something to gets attached to each other and that is when you know you must use glue.
  • After joining both halves and letting them dry hard, separate each part of the tissue paper easily.
  • Point the top of your petals upwards by pressing them on the top.
  • Make each petal separated, and you will have beautiful, circular bright yellow petals for your sunflower.

Method 2: – Separate Petals, Separate Layers

This method is more straightforward than the above method, and it will also take less time than the previous one, but it may not appear as good as the one we mentioned above. Now let us look at the steps.

  • Take several strips of same sized yellow tissue paper.
  • Use as much as you need, and you can ha doe while cutting them.
  • Divide it into three parts, and you can change the number of sheets in each part as well.
  • Cut them in such an order that you have three parts of different sizes.
  • Now, cut them like a pointed petal.
  • After that, you will have three parts of petals, which are of different sizes.
  • Now cut a circle out of another yellow tissue paper.
  • Fix the petals on the circle with glue and arrange the different sized petals alternately to give your sunflower a patterned shape.
  • Now your sunflower is ready.

Time for its Middle Part

To make its middle part, we will need a brown or black tissue paper. You can choose any of them according to your wish but will prefer I go with the brown as it is the natural color of the sunflower’s middle part

  • Cut a wide strip from that brown tissue paper.
  • Fold it in half from length.
  • Make fringes at its open edge.
  • Open the folds.
  • Repeat the same procedure with another sheet of the same proportions.
  • Now, put both strips on top of each other.
  • Cross joined them together to bind them together.
  • Now, glue is both sides to give it a circular shape.
  • Your middle part of your sunflower is ready to use.

Assemble Them to Get your Work Done

Place the middle part at the center of your sunflower and Tada! Your sunflower made up of tissue paper is now ready to flaunt.

From the above two methods, you can choose whatever seems more comfortable for you. Both are a straightforward approach and will not take up your much time as well.

Use it either on your walls, on mirrors, on your doors, on gift boxes, or at any other place; it will add an artistic look at that thing for sure.…

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