How to Organize Your Travel Photos

Travelling can be your passion, interest, or your way of relaxing. It is very well said that if you want practical knowledge to go around the world and discover even the smallest known fact in your way. While you travel to different places, you get to interact with different people, get to know about their eating habits, their culture, and many more.

Each place you visit, you find something familiar and, at the same time, some differences. After visiting a place, you love to carry the best Souvenir with you, what can be best than the moments you captured in your camera.

The place you visited 5 to 6 years back must have changed a lot at present, and when you look back to the photos you clicked, you find yourself to be fortunate to be a part of it. You may take the example of Nepal. Nepal, before the massive earthquake and the place now, is entirely different.

Let us start finding ways to organize our photos so that they remain to be the best Souvenir to us. If you feel that these options are not enough, you can check out HomeBnc ( for more tips on these topics.

Transferring the Photos from your Camera to your Laptop

To transfer your photos from your camera to your laptop, you must insert your SD card into your laptop, and by copying or dragging the folder, get the photos transferred. It may take 5 minutes to an hour, depending on the volume of photos.

Organizing your Photos in a Folder

When you start organizing your photos, it is always advisable first to go through all the photos and select the best ones and delete the ones which you either look by mistake or have some error. After your sorting is done, you need to name the folder. You can give the name of the place and the year to make it simple.

You can even make subfolders by giving names of the places you visited, for example, museums, gardens, beaches, temples, and so on.

Deleting Multiple Photos

We often take multiple photos to get the best shot, but we forget to choose and keep the best for our memory. So, do not be afraid to delete the photos which have some error and keep the best ones. This would not only save space but also make your album look neat, or else you will get bored looking into the same photos one after the other.

Public Viewing / Friends and Family

The photos can also be divided into two groups, a folder meant for friends and family keeping it private. The other can be for public viewing, maybe in any of the public platforms. This will make your work easy while you go through the photos after a long time or when you share your experience with an outsider.

Editing your Photos

Editing your photos is also a part of organizing. If you are a travel blogger or you want to upload the photos on social media, then you need to edit the photos. The things which should be kept in mind while editing is, adjusting the brightness, contrast, and sharpness apart from cropping and tilting if required.

Creating a Photo Essay

A photo essay is visual storytelling through a series of photos. The photos should be laid out or arranged so that whenever someone takes a glance at the album, they must get a feeling of self-experience.

Providing a Caption

It is always advisable to provide cations or write a few lines and the photo something worth remembering. The memory can be funny, emotional, lessen learning, and many more. This is mainly because with time, and if by chance, you forget the incidence, the caption would help you recall and go down the memory lane.

Back up for your Photos

You should always keep your photos as a back in your hard disk or even back up the images on cloud storage. You can opt for a paid cloud service or goggle the same.

These were some simple steps as to how one can organize their photos. We hope this article has been helpful to you, and you have been able to gain some tips as to how one can organize their photos.…

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